Kitchen Crafts, Frugality, and Multi-functionality – What Else Can A Crafty Bread Machine Do?

Kitchen Crafts, Frugality, and Multi-functionality – What Else Can A Crafty Bread Machine Do?

Do you need to buy all the nifty kitchen appliance you are eyeing, even with ongoing sales? Our answer; no, you don’t. Instead of buying every machine that can fit your kitchen, save money, time and space by investing in a bread machine. Just make sure it is the best on the market? Wondering why we are insisting on a bread machine though your high salary working as one of the top St Catharines Personal Injury Lawyers can afford you anything you want?

Well, take a look at all the bread machine can do effortlessly and perfectly.

  1. Crafting vegetable and fruit butter

Thanks to the bread machine’s enclosed design and the slow but steady cooking/ heat setting, you can use it to make your apple butter now that you have grandma’s recipe. All you have to do is to throw in your chopped apples, nutmeg, sugar, cloves, add some water and apple cider vinegar. Once you have all your ingredients, mix them up, cover the bread machine and let it cook on low heat for an hour.

Once cooked and cooled, run the mixture through a food processor or food mill to make it smooth. You can then pour the resultant soup into the bread machine and let it cook for 1.5 hours to get that thick consistency.

  1. Bake a casserole

You can free up the oven by baking your casserole in the bread machine. For this purpose, you’ll have to remove the paddles then grease the interior of the bread machine lightly. Add all your ingredients then layer them as you’d like. Once you have every ingredient in the bucket, program it to bake for about 45 minutes.

  1. Bake cake

With a bread machine, you can whip up a simple but a delicious cake. All you have to do is to put all your ingredients (butter) in the bread machine’s bucket. Once in, set the bread machine’s crust setting to either medium or regular. The heat setting depends on the type of bread maker as there are some with a cake menu setting.

  1. Jam

Other than butter, you can also make jams and marmalades using a bread machine. The good thing about this is that most bread makers come with a jam menu setting, so, don’t overlook the machine’s functionality. Jam is easy to prepare. All you need is the right ingredients depending on your preference. You can make jams with or without pectin in under two hours.

  1. Rice

This may sound like one of those unorthodox things to do but, you can make rice using a bread machine. Instead of buying a rice maker or cooking on a stovetop, use the bread machine instead. The best part is that you won’t have to monitor the rice’s cooking progress every five minutes. Just put salt, water, and rice in the bucket, then set to bake for an hour. Though it takes longer than using a stove top, your rice will be just as good, and you could be prepping your stew.

You can also prepare meatloaf, hot dips, tomato sauce, and scrambled eggs for breakfast.

Craft Tips – 7 Tips to Crafting

Crafting like many other businesses is just as filled with struggle and requires the right mind and the correct attitude to make it successful. One needs to keep certain things in mind while running a craft shop:

  • Respect your customers because that core group is going to be responsible for providing you financially and ensure a continuous flow of other customers as well.
  • It is extremely vital overcoming the initial capital outlay of the business itself.
  • After doing so, you will be able to establish yourself successfully and thereby, take appropriate care accordingly.


It is essential for one to understand that one does not look for shortcuts when it comes to something as important as the crafting. The quality of your product will automatically diminish if you don’t work according to its original exercise.

Therefore, given below are a few crafting tips that you can make use of when you are performing that respective activity:-


Make use of a thin layer of plaster. This will not only help you create a raised effect, but it will also make the procedure smoother for you while you make use of the stencil.


Don’t forget to clean the stencil immediately for it may leave unwanted snubs on the next sheet of work for you. This situation should particularly be avoided under any given circumstance.

  • BASE

While working with plaster or working with normal paper; whether you are trying to use stencils or any other tool to achieve your desired outcome, the use of a strong base is essential. Make sure what you use as your support is stiff and makes the experience smoother for you.


It is important for you to understand the value of measuring your items carefully. Use a ruler or any other such given medium of measure that will make it easier for you to divide accordingly.


There might be times wherein you will be working with clay and other such vulnerable materials. Under such situations, you must master at saving as much time as you can. This is especially applicable while working with materials such as clay and other such related items.


You must take care of your paint brushes just as you take care of yourself. Wash it with soap and rinse it for a proper amount of time before cleaning them completely of the paint. Do this till it comes back to its original state of softness.


You can easily make use of different decorative elements such as ribbons and strips of other such materials and make use of your art in an innovative manner.


Time is money and you must understand the importance of time. Save as much time as you can and come up with creative ways to do something faster.