Famous Athletes who had Concussions

A concussion occurs when a person is hit by something or met with an accident and the impact area is the head region. The associated symptom of a head injury resulting in a concussion is temporary or delayed unconsciousness along with confusion and delirium. Sometimes the person might go into a state of shock just after getting hit on his head. This might be a sign of concussion injury.

These types of injuries are often seen while playing sports. The real victims are therefore the athletes. Here is a list of famous athletes who suffered by concussions at some part of their life while playing their sport.

  1. Mike Cameron

He was the Mets outfielder at that time. On August, the 11 2015 while playing, he accidently collided with Carlos Beltran when both the outfielders were running towards each other at full speed. Both were driving after the fly ball and collided face-first. Mike suffered a temporary loss of his vision along with two broken cheekbones. Later taken to San Diego and diagnosed with the concussion.

  1. Dave Duerson

He played for the teams of Bears, Giants, and Cardinal. After his death on February 17th, 2011, he was taken for the autopsy, and it was found that he had several head injuries, and the concussion was one of them.

  1. Andre Waters

He was diagnosed with CTE or the Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy after his post-mortem in June 2006. Doctors said he had so many concussion in his brain also. He played for Eagles and Cardinals and was known as one of the hardest hitting players ever played.

  1. Terry Long

Unfortunately, chronic traumatic encephalopathy can only be diagnosed on post-mortem. Terry was an OL for the Steelers and had committed suicide in July 2005, because of his brain injuries that contributed to depression.

  1. Junior Seau

He was a player for Chargers, Dolphins and Patriots. He was also a ten-time All-Pro and 12 time Pro Bowler. Although the cause of his death in February 2012 was not because of concussions of CDE, but it was because of a gunshot injury on his chest. Later on after the post mortem the doctors have found that he had several head injuries that lead to concussions.

  1. Tim Shaw

He is a former player of NFL and is alive. He also played for Chicago Bears, Tennessee Titans and Jacksonville Jaguars. He was diagnosed with ALS later in the year 2014 and have symptoms of recurring concussions also.

  1. Brent Boyd

Brent used to play NFL as an offensive guard and as an advocate for retired football players. He is also considered to be the ‘father’ of the concussion awareness issue because of his three US Congressional testimonies and media crusade to fight for the proper treatment for the NFL retired players who had suffered brain injuries. He is also one of them. Diagnosed with several concussions and ALS also. He also designed a slogan during his legal battle against the NFL regarding the health problems of NFL players. The slogan was, “DELAY, DENY, AND HOPE THEY DIE!’

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